We are a London-based design studio working
across the entire product ecosystem.


Our knowledge of form, materials and technology allows us to answer a specific product brief, from tea infusers to bluetooth speakers.  

Case Studies:
Bluetooth speakers for Nude Audio
Tang aroma diffuser for Puzhen


We create the perfect habitat for a product: packaging concepts that are intriguing in their own right and at the same time add value to their subject.

Case Studies:
Fresh Fish Pack
Papafoxtrot Satellites


Our work in environments has included a complex air cooling system based on Middle Eastern architecture and improving customer engagement for one of Hong Kong's biggest retailers. 

Case Studies:
Cafe Sonja popup cafe
Nanopinion travelling pavillion


We work with international brands on overall strategy: the concepts and branding behind the products and packaging. This gives us a holistic view of each project.

Case Studies:
TRY FOODS branding
Olympus Jet Engine